Is there any surprise that expectant mothers are prone to have back and neck pain throughout their pregnancies?

As the baby continues to grow, the expanding abdomen protrudes further outward, resulting in a forward tilt of the pelvis. This put the lower back in an increased curvature, which often limits the normal motion. The additional weight stresses not only the spine but also the supporting muscles and ligaments.

As the lower spinal curve is altered, the remaining curves of the expectant mother must adapt as well. This can often lead to neck and shoulder pain, as well as headaches.

As the baby starts to run out of room, it is typical for the mother to feel a certain amount of pressure near the ribs. The ribs then transfer that pressure around to the mid spine where they attach, leading to mid-back pain. Dr. Gunther has had excellent results working with expectant mothers during and after their pregnancies.

I can feel babys heartbeat.