Auto Accidents

Been in an Accident?

You hear the screech of tires and then a split second later, it hits you. You have been hit. Everything is a blur. You are disoriented, your heart begins to race. You feel stiff and shaky. Your airbags didn't deploy but now you are starting to feel pain in your neck, low back, and you begin to feel the beginning of a headache.

Auto accidents are no fun; and it is impossible to be prepared for one. Often the complete symptoms from the accident do not show up until a week or so after the accident.

Do not delay. Getting the proper treatment right away is important. If you were knocked unconscious or are not sure of the severity of your accident, it is advised to be seen at your local hospital. Once severe or life-threatening injuries have been ruled out, chiropractic care is one of the best ways to quickly restore normal function to your spine and supportive tissues.

Call today to get a thorough spinal examination to determine the extent of any injury that may be present. Our experienced office staff will go to work for you.

injured person sits on ground beside damaged car